Glossary of Terms for the Project Status Report
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Project Name
Project Number


Responsible Division
Local Name
Usually the town(s) in which the project is located.
Usually reflecting federal/state funding/programs.
VTrans division in charge of project.
Highway/facility route number or name.
Name of project area used locally.
Project Description
Consultant Design
Operations District
Brief description and location of the project.
Major Program Name.
Consultant under contract for the project.
District number the project is located in.
County name the project is located in.
Project Manager
Project Manager Phone
Project Manager Email
Town Contact/Municipal Project Manager (MPM)
Town Contact/MPM Phone
Name of Manager responsible for the Project.
Phone number of the Project Manager.
Email address of the Project Manager.
Name of the contact within the town or Municipality.
Phone number of the Town Contact/MPM.
Program Manager
Program Manager Phone
Program Manager Email
Email address of the Program Manager.
Phone number of the Program Manager.
Name of Manager responsible for the Program.
Capital Program Appearance
Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) Appearance
A document produced by the Agency that illustrates the estimated expenditures of Fed/State/Local funds for a state fiscal year.
A document produced by the Agency that illustrates the estimation to obligate federal funds for  3 federal fiscal years.
1-4 Year Program
Programs and/or Projects with individual pages.   Projects are at the Prelim Plans stage of design and construction scheduled within 5 years.  The Section is referred to as the "Front of the Book".
Development Evaluation
Projects approved by the legislature that are anticipated to have preliminary engineering and/or right-of-way expenditures during the budget year, with funding for construction anticipated within three to five years.
Candidate Project
Projects approved by the legislature that are not anticipated to have significant expenditures for preliminary engineering and/or right-of-way expenditures during the budget year, but funding for construction is not anticipated within a five-year period.
Project Design
Right of Way
These fields represent one of the 3 phases of a project.  The words "Funds committed in previous Fiscal Year." means federal funds have been obligated for that phase.  A year shown indicates the Federal Fiscal Year the Agency estimates the obligation of Federal Funds will occur.
For more information on the Date Accomplished phases, view the Project Development Process Manual by clicking here.
Anticipated Advertising Schedule
Anticipated Date the project will be advertised for bidding.

Construction Estimate
Category assigned based on the estimated cost.  Also contains the dollar amount range of the estimated cost.

Name of the Contractor awarded the Construction Phase of the project.
Resident Engineer
Name of the Resident Engineer responsible for the project.
Low Bid Amount
Bid Amount placed by the Contractor awarded the project.
Resident Engineer Phone
Phone number of the Resident Engineer.
Estimated amount for unanticipated overruns.
Resident Engineer Email
Email address for the Resident Engineer.
Construction Engineering
Amount for engineering costs (material testing, resident engineer oversight, etc.) not included in bid amount.
Estimated Total Construction Cost
The sum of the Low Bid Amount, Contingency and Construction Engineering.
Anticipated Completion Date
Anticipated Date of Completion for the Construction Phase based on the original contract.
Construction Funding Split
Percentage of cost covered by Federal, State and Local funds.